ZuluTrade – is an automatic trading platform that uses signals from professional Forex traders to manage trades in your account. All you have to do is select the traders (also called “signal providers") and Zulu Trade will reproduce the provider's trading strategy in your account. Trades will be opened and closed in your Meta Trader account automatically.


To start using ZuluTrade, you need to provide your name and InterFxbostup account number. Then send us a signed Letter of Direction (LOD) - a document, authorizing Zulu Trade to perform automatic trading in your account.

To help you select a provider, ZuluTrade runs a trader's rating with detailed and precise information about the provider's past performance and reviews from other signal followers. There is also a list of the best performing followers showing their profits and which providers they are subscribed to.

However, Zulu Trade leaves full control over your funds and trading in your hands. You can customize the level of risk and set the maximum number of lots, to be opened when a signal is received in your account. And most importantly, you can close all open positions and opt out of a strategy or a provider at any moment of time. You can also continue manual trading in your account.

Advantages of ZuluTrade automatic trading:

  • Manage several trading accounts from a single workplace.
  • Create a portfolio of your own by combining the most profitable currency pairs from different providers;
  • Protect your trades with ZuluGuard;
  • Swift and error-free signal delivery from signal provider to signal follower in real time;
  • Monitor open positions in real time;
  • A free 30-day Login with full access to Zulu Trade service.